What can I do with Pentaho®?

Check the possibilities that Pentaho® offers for your organization and the solutions offered to get more and more information.

Pentaho® is a Business Intelligence (BI) platform developed in Java, which offers solutions in the areas of data integration (ETL), reporting, online analytics (OLAP), Data mining and Big Data. It has become a favorite in Data’s organization because it is open source and easily integrated into any IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the reports, Analysis views and dashboards generated by Pentaho® are Customizable and intuitive. 

Besides organizing and presenting data according to customer needs, Pentaho® is also focused on the organization’s work processes and brings different solutions to the company.

Benefits of Pentaho®

  • Open Source: Pentaho® can be modified according the customer needs. Although investment in deployment, training and support is still required, open source is an affordable low-cost guarantee;
  • Quality, Security and Independency of suppliers;
  • Definition of indicators adapted to the need of the company;
  • Easy integration with other IT infrastructures;
  • Intuitive reports and dashboards.


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