Analysis Tools

We use some initial components to provide the necessary support to the manager get the relevant, correct and dynamic information.

Analysis Tools

A Business Intelligence (BI) tool uses some initial components to provide all the necessary support for the manager to get the relevant, correct and dynamic information. Through the Pentaho® platform, Know Solutions customizes the components according to the customer’s needs, presenting the most appropriate indicators to monitor the company’s processes.



Analysis and Cubes

Through the Analysis and Cubes, the user, even with no IT knowledge, can modify the way that the queries are presented, being able to analyze, in this way, different scenarios;


Another possibility is the fast creation of Dashboards: panels that allow the manager, through a single screen, to have an quick view of indicators and numbers of his organization;


Example of a Dashboard created by Know Solutions.

It is even possible to obtain strategic information through geo-referenced data to better manage the organization using maps.




You can create your own management reports, this way you don’t need to expend you money with developments for each report that you want to have in your Company.


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