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Know Solutions offers Business Intelligence solutions for small, medium and big companies, organizing and analyzing your information in a efficient and intuitive way accordingly the needs of your company.

Each day it becomes more necessary for companies to organize data generated by its tools in order to identify problems and define solutions that contribute to the growth of the business. These data can be productivity, financial, Human Resources and many others.

This is what Know Solutions offers: Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to your company -small, medium or large –  helping to organize and analyze the information generated on daily basis in an efficient and intuitive way.

Using different Business Intelligence tools, Know Solutions helps you to organize and centralize your data crossing the information of all the softwares of your company (Electronic Point Control System, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Payroll System, Accounting and Financial system, Expert System, Excel Spreadsheets and many others).

In addition to customizing and installing the tool, Know Solutions organizes the Business Intelligence of your business, presenting relevant indicators and dashboards that help in the management of the company.

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